During the Korean War 1950-1953. The Turkish Armed Forces
Army, Air Force and Navy, received their code name North Star


In South Korea - Seoul


A monument in Seoul; - South Korea
dedicated to the Turkish Armed Forces

The South Korean monument reads in part; -

On October 17, 1950, Turkey dispatched army, navy and air force units to defend the freedom of Korea; the Korean people; and the peace of the world. From that time; - until the Korean Armistice was signed in May 29, 1953 the Turkish forces leading to the Cease Fire and fought valiantly in the critical bloody battles of; -

1- Kunu-ri, 2- Wawon, 3- Shillim-ri, 4- Uijongim, 5- Chosin, 6- Maharet, 7- Kumhwa, 8-Yonch'on, 9 T'oegyewon, 10- Han-Sullim, 11- Pusan, 12- Little Wegas 13- Big Wegas, 14- Wonch Ang-ni, 15- Teagyewonni, 16- Takchon, 17- Garson, and 18- Elko,  - They suffered 2,413 WIA, - 167 MIA, - 244 POW,- 2786 KIA.- Even after the war; - the Turkish troops remained in Korea until July 1967"

Cease Fire

Turkish Forces and Turkish Brigade had often demonstrated successes during the critical Korean battles, which affected 4 (four) times; - the course and finally the result of the Korean war.

Finally; - the Turkish Brigade also fought - the last very criticle battle; - and leading to the Cease Fire - in Korea on May 29, 1953.


Picture: The flag of Turkey&South Korea
from our Korean brothers in Seoul South/Korea


The Comemeration day MAY 29, - to the Turkish Forces; Turkish Army, - Turkish Air Force, - and Turkish Navy members, - KIA, MIA, LIA and WIA, - during the Korean War from 1950 until May 29, 1953 at the Turkish&Korean War Memorial in Seoul/South Korea and in Ankara Turkey.


Picture: The War Memorial  in South Korea/Seoul Korean War; - for U.N. and Turkish Armed Forces


In remembrance
Turkish Armed Forces

During and after the Korean War did any other nation contribute to the war effort; - and none of them saved the “United States Air Force and the United States Congress - for saving the “United States seventh Army the U.S. eighth Army and the U.S. nineth Army and the Corps from encirclement by comunist enemies, (North Korea, Soviet Union and Peoples Republic of China) and the United States 2nd Division from total destruction and annihilation during the very critical battles from 1950 until MAY 29, 1953 and the “U.S. division from total destruction.

No other nation's soldiers suffered higher casualties, - no one of them gave hope to a demoralized American Nation from 1950 until 1953, and I doubt any of these other Nations received obvious heartfelt praise; - by American major players like (few to mention); -

The  United States President Excellency “Dwight David Eisenhower - United States General Hon. “W. H. Walker - United States General Hon. “Douglas Mc Arthur - United States General Hon. “Matthew Ridgway - United Staes Mayor General Hon. “Josef Lawton Collins (I) - United States “Senator Hon. Rose - United States “Senator Hon. Peper - United States “Congress man Hon. Mr. Burner - United States “Senator Hon. Mr. John Murtha„ - United States Congressman Hon. Mr. D. Hobson - United States General Hon. “James Lawton Collins (II) - (and many others).

Additionally; - (few to mention) by British major players like. - U.K. Defense Minister Hon. Lord Emanuel Shinwell, - U.K. General Hon. G.G. Martin; - (and many others).

The back ground picture with the names of the known KIA, LIA and MIA of the unique “North Star - family members during the Korean War 1950-1953.

In remembrance

The countless Turkish Armed Forces members, - who lost their life, for the freedom of  the Korean people, World Nations  and World peace, - all those family members KIA, MIA and WIA during the  Korean War 1950-1953; - have been honoured by the United Nations,  U.S. Air Force,  U.S. Army,  Korean Forces,  Korean President,  Government of Korea, U.S. Congress, Turkish Armed Forces and Republic of Turkey etc.

The writer:- My code name is North Star (Mr. M. A. YILDIZ) a relative of the unique, -North Star family member, - honoured by the U.S. Congress, United Nations,  U.S. Air Force,  U.S. Army,  Korean Forces,  Korean President,  Government of Korea, Turkish Armed Forces and Republic of Turkey etc.

We know and we will never forget our history,-
to make a better future.

The pictures and content are from surviver, private collections, Turkish Armed Forces, the Army, the Navy, the Airforce and the unique “North Star family members.   

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